Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a life update.

So....its been awhile. A long while. Too long. I began writing this blog in hopes that it would inspire me to document our everyday lives and help to capture its memories....well our 'everyday' has gotten in the way and despite the best of intentions things have not been written and a bit of regret has settled in. Well here's another attempt-not saying it will be as regular as I'd like but I'm trying.....

So much that is both big and small has happened since I last sat down to type, everything from the milestones of our littlest to the beginnings of a new job for the husband. Even as I write 'new job' I still find myself marveling-what an answer to prayer. To list more of the few....Alice is now:) She has quite come into her own as of late, my latest theory being that she is so loud and boisterous because she has a lot to compete with her equally loud and boisterous brother...I can't believe she is already 15 months old. Every mother makes the same statement but its so true....its just goes by too fast. Even on the days (like today, mind you) when I look around and think, can I just get through this?? This is so hard, these little ones You've given me! But Alice...she is teaching me so much. I love love love her. Here's a recent pic of our Ali Bean:

Logan. Oh precious Logan. He turned 3 I even need to continue? 3 has been....interesting. okay, a challenge in the strongest sense of the word. His tiny frame is quite made up for in his big personality. I have never come across one so little with such depth of emotion-read dramatic:) He is incredibly sweet and loves to hug and kiss everyone, which will not be cute forever, and yet his strong will and stubborness can make for one long day and make it hard to remember the sweetness. His favorite phrases are holy cow! and holy moly! which he likes to yell frequently and mostly out of context. Still loves to count and finds numbers everywhere...His smile is infectious and I know all these 'teachable moments' we've been having lately will come back around. Hopefully.

The biggest answer to prayer by far and biggest change in our lives since the last post is most assuredly Kurt's new job. New job!! Since our move to SC in 2010 Kurt has been looking. Interviewing and looking and praying and hoping for something new. More than one door closed and opportunities we thought were going to happen didn't. But God knew; knows what Kurt needs and has seen fit to open a door recently with Coke Consolidated, and subsidiary of Coca Cola-it is another sales job but it came at a great time and Kurt seems more contented in this job than in any past...we are so thankful.

More to come in the days ahead...or at least in the weeks ahead:)