Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thankful for family.

Oh wonderful mother. She came and stayed and left today...Logan was sad to see her go, as were we. Man does Logan love her.

Ali is pretty fond of her as well, and I think its safe to say Grammie Alice adores her little namesake grandbaby.
She jumped right in and started helping(did I say helping? Read- doing with me watching:) completing projects around the house; a reupholstered rocking chair, a valance for the bathroom window, a new bedskirt.....anyone that knows her knows of her many talents, one of which is sewing. She has a knack for being able to figure out just about anything it seems.

On top of said sewing projects, this Grandma played with the little ones, read stories, gave piggyback rides down stairs, gave baths, took them to the park, just loved and loved on them. And they loved it:)

She has more energy than most, and our little family is more than blessed when she's around. Grandaddy showed up for some love as well.

Had to put this in for the hair...
I cried when they left. I always do. Its not that we don't get to see them often because thankfully we do, but for some reason coming into the emptier house once they've gone is always hard and makes for a weird day. Finding out that Kurt didn't get a job he so wanted yesterday was devastating and I'm grateful that God had my parents here to help us deal with the wealth of emotions we're feeling right now as we look up and say, Ok, God, what? There's a lesson to be learned in this, we know, a protection from something, a blessing really, from Him.... keeping us from something that's not His best for us.
But its hard. Hard to watch my husband rejected yet again for something beyond his control. This has happened to us more than a few times in the last few years and I've watched him run out of steam.... Hard not to become bitter and to dwell on things in anger. But His plan is always better than ours. It really all comes down to choices. Choosing to believe the Word that tells us our times are in His hands, choosing to walk in joy, trusting God for His promises. Choosing to move on and do what we can with what we been given. So thankful for His gifts-here are more pictures of two He's given us:)

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