Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Going home. 
I had the privilege of singing at a memorial service last weekend for a friend whose sister has recently gone home to Jesus. A battle with cancer that ended with an amazing worship service rejoicing in her home going. It was truly beautiful; lifting up songs of praise and thankfulness that she was and is His and is in glory now. One of the songs was Going Home, a beautifully written song by Sara Groves that describes the wonderings and anticipation of what it will be like, to be in Heaven. This part of this song sticks out,

" I'm confined by my senses, to really know what you are like. You are more than I can fathom, more than I guess, more than I   can see with human sight....but I have felt you in my spirit, I have felt you fill this room...and this is just an invitation, just a sample of the whole....and I cannot wait to be going home." 
How amazing it is that even though I can't grasp the reality of what it will truly be like to be home with Him forever, God has allowed me to know Him and His presence through the Holy Spirit while I'm still here and living this life, this sample of things to come. I'm so thankful that in the confines of this life there is so much to see, even if its limited sight right now. 

Thanksgiving took us home to my parents' house this year, and the pictures below are bits of my home from the past and the little ones that make up my home in the now.

 This chair. I used to love sitting in this chair at our old house. It was squeezed between the fridge and the cupboard and as a kid I  remember sitting there to hide, sitting there for punishment, sitting just to think. I perched on top of this chair a couple of weeks ago which now sits in my parents' laundry room, and peered out the window watching Logan and Alice run around in the backyard jungle that is my parents' backyard. It felt so good to just sit there, in this quiet moment, on this solid simple piece of childhood. Watching them play and laugh brought me so much joy. In that moment I got to experience a bit of the sample of the whole, the joy that will be when I finally really do go Home and we can all run around and play in our Father's yard.

My mother, the collector of all things. She has the ability to turn something ordinary into a work of art. These jars hold all kinds of odds and ends are so.....her. They looked so beautiful on the windowsill.

There is so much to see in my parents' yard. From the water fountains to the gardens and endless types of plants, Alice was beside herself:) 

Of course she had to touch it all:)

Oh the exploring that was done on the four wheeler that carried this one all around the jungle terrain.

 We walked around and peered at all the beauty crafted by Him and nurtured and cared for by none other than the amazing Grammie Alice, whose thumbs are as green as they come.

This is home. Its easy to look at pictures of nature and my kids and think about how wonderful and beautiful they are, I just want to recognize it more in the moment; to enjoy all the parts of this home He's given us and the people in it.

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