Thursday, April 18, 2013

Soccer balls and Barbie dolls.

Wait...its April already? The middle of April? Once again I find myself remarking on the passing of time and how it just flies. Each month I endeavor to write more down, take more pictures, slow down and play more with the kids, write in this blog:), do this too, right? My good intentions are at best just that most times. But here goes. 

Sports. Oh how the husband is hoping his firstborn will be good at sports. Any one. Just....something. That he'll WANT to play. I hear him talk of all the positive aspects of being on a team and all of the discipline it teaches you, yada yada yada...but lets be serious here folks- this husband of mine loves all sports and there would be nothing he'd love more than to share that with his boy. Not saying that's a bad thing, I'm just secretly hoping Logan's genetic makeup includes more of the 'athletic' Bultmann gene because I can't throw a ball. Or kick a ball. Or run in a straight line (exaggeration perhaps, but the extent of my athleticism was being kicked off my high school's softball team and asked to keep the playbook instead...) So,we've started him in soccer hoping he's got a chance since you really don't stop moving the entire game and anyone that knows Logan knows he is what the southerners up here describe as "wide open." (I'd never been privy to this term pre-Greenville and now it is said in my presence quite often in reference to Logan:) 
Well we've had the first game and it was nothing short of hilarious. Don't know what I was expecting; what I observed were ten three year olds running around like....well like three year olds do, whilst their parents 'encouraged' them to stay inside field lines and kick the ball into the right goal for their team. Where was Logan in the midst of all the chaos? He rotated between bouts of crying over losing the ball, his desire for a snack keeping him from wanting to play at all, and not understanding why with all the "sharing" talks we're always having with him it was suddenly okay to kick a ball away from someone else while they were playing with it.
But he sure did look cute.
And it was adorable watching Kurt chase him around 'encouraging' him. Ha.

Of course the above was to be expected. He's got another game this weekend and I'm sure we'll see more of the same. I know you have to start somewhere and we'll eventually find something he's into, whether its soccer or something else. At least the husband is hoping:)

Alice. Approaching two and probably correctly described as "wide open" as well. I came across my case of barbies in the garage yesterday and as I opened it up on her floor her eyes got wide. I know she's young for barbies but it was too precious watching her take all of their shoes off and attempt to brush the mangled mess of hair on each one(a couple of the barbies have some very interesting haircuts, courtesy of yours truly). I also noticed some barbie hands that were melted....I used to really love melting their hands on my lamp in my room. That's super creepy I suppose. 

I love the picture of her trying to put a barbie heel on her own toe. This girl loves shoes. About once a week she goes through my closet and takes most of my shoes off of the shelves and tries them all on.
We sat and played and it was so fun. So fun to share this bit of my childhood with her. Little girls are just too much. 

 Below is Totally Hair Barbie. My favorite as a kid.

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