Saturday, January 21, 2012

fighting for joy.

Today has been a rainy lazy Saturday...we needed it. Time to wind down and just rest. A good day for tea and books and yoga pants.

Its only the middle of January and already I feel like this year is flying by. I can't believe Ali is 6 months and Logan is 2 1/ did I become this mother of two? Seems only yesterday I thought, yeah, lets have a baby. But God has been so good. The parenting struggles have been rough lately but He's here helping me in them and through them. Its been a fight for joy. Even on days like these when the joy seems so within reach, its so easily lost when I lose sight of what's important and give in to my impatience and need for control. Thank God for His mercy.

I'm continuing to fight for joy in this home. In this season of life. I know there is much joy to be had, even in the ugly and frustrating.

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