Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hugged and reminded.

Logan is a lover. This kid has a constant need for hugs, kisses, physical contact. I LOVE this about him and it causes me to slow down and enjoy him when I would otherwise hurry through whatever activity it is we're in at the moment(still working on being less haste-full:).

Logan doesn't know a stranger, and at this stage in his life I'm okay with that. He hugs everyone and expects hugs in return. There is no insecurity, no wondering if he's loved or cared about. He often runs full force into his mom or dad's arms, knowing he'll be embraced. In his world everyone loves everyone and shouldn't have a problem showing it.

Kids have that amazing way of teaching us things about life and God that we often forget we know. I know the truth of God's word and what it says, but I often forget to apply it in the everyday. I know He loves me and will hold me always, but I admit I don't run into His arms nearly enough, I don't rest in the security and assurance of what I know.

So thankful for this little one He's given me to manage to remind me there are arms to always embrace me anytime I want.

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