Thursday, January 5, 2012

yogurt haste equals yogurt waste.

We all know that things done in haste usually result in disaster. Remember that saying 'haste makes waste?' Having been one usually known to be in a hurry, you'd think I would have learned to slow down by now, but this seems to be a lesson I keep re-learning. again and again.

Logan loves yogurt. So does Kurt. So do I. Seems to be the thing we always have to have in the house when yet another food battle is lost and we need the kid to just eat SOMETHING. Today I was in a hurry, like I too often am. Grabbed the little one and Lorelei and ran out the door to get groceries while Logan was at a preschool(oh preschool, how I do love thee). Now we all know how much food costs have gone up lately and how hard it is to keep the grocery budget in check. So as I braved the aisles with the cart already pretty full due to my little ones, facing off with the other shoppers as I tried to see over the car seat to push the cart, I was diligent about what went in the basket. Only the necessities. which of course included the big tub of yogurt. We were in and out in less than 20 minutes, (thanks to my haste:) and as I threw the kids in the car and loaded up the trunk as quick as I could, it happened. The yogurt fell. Out of the trunk and onto my feet and car and all over the ground. For a second, being the frugal person I am, I thought-do I try to save it? I decided this wasn't necessary and that 2.99 would just have to be lost and it would be okay and we'd survive without it at home. I stood there and smiled-this has been one of those days where I've remembered to be thankful. So thankful I can even get groceries and have food for our family.
Now to just slow down and be less...hasteful? is that a word?

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  1. Oh how cool that you are doing this! I have been throwing that idea of a blog around, myself. These kinds of grocery events happen to me frequently -- especially when I am hurrying the kids along, trying to fit it all in --- when in reality I am the only one keeping up with everything I don't get done each day! I love ya, Sarah. Christy (St.)